Condimenti – Condiments

Italissima is proud to offer a variety of Condimenti – Condiments including a number of mustards and hummus products.

Make a good dish great with premium quality condiments from Italissima Foods. Italissima Foods makes a vast array of Condimenti – Condiments including chutneys, spreads, mustards, salad dressings, and pastes (tahini, halva, etc.). Pair one of the high-end spreads with a sharp cheese, make a grainy Dijon mustard crusted chicken, or enjoy a salad with one of the fine salad dressings from Italissima.

Italian mostarda is fruit preserved in syrup that gains quite a kick from a healthy jolt of powdered mustard seed, and is one of the standard condiments served with boiled meats in northern Italy (see the ultimate boiled dinner, fit for a king).

Though you’ll find it from Piemonte on through the Veneto and down into Emilia Romagna, the best known variation is that from Cremona (Mostarda di Cremona), which is also produced commercially. According to Italian food scholar Antonio Piccinardi, the word mostarda derives from the French moustarde, which in turn derives from mout ardent, fiery must, which was made by adding powdered mustard seed to unfermented grape must and cooking it down to produce an invigorating condiment.