The Italissima line of biscuits features a wide variety
of biscuit products to suit any occasion.
Biscotti and sweets are traditional fare year-round in Italy, and accordingly, Italissima offers a lineup of traditional Italian biscotti all year. From the traditional double-baked biscuits known as biscotti, to amaretti (hard and soft), cantucci and cantuccini biscuits, torrone, savoiardi biscuits, sofgliatine biscuits (light pastry), pizzelle wafers, and more, find anything to pair with your morning coffee or tea (or just to snack on!).

A range of savory biscuit products imported by Italissima Foods include a line of breadsticks, crostini, crackers, and tarrali – try these with antipasti dishes, sampling, or paired with condiments, meat, or cheeses.

New additions to the biscuit category include a line of cheese straws and tea biscuits, sure to soothe any sweet tooth. Made with high-quality ingredients and packed with flavour, try these cheese straws as an appetizer or finger food for any event.